Ad for “Kiko’s Chocolates”

“Kiko’s Chocolates” is a fictional company that I had written an ad copy for in an unfinished radio play

It’s that time of year again! Y’know, Valentine’s Day? Don’t tell me you forgot. Of course you did. And now you’re scrambling at the last minute to find me a gift, as usual. (sigh) Well, let me help you out by telling you what I want. Chocolate. Of course I want chocolate. So don’t go wasting all that time and money for fancy jewelry. If you’re going to spend that much money on me, you might as well pay off my school loans. Save yourself the trip and head to There are tons of quality chocolates all on sale now, like the decadent peanut butter drops and the mouth-watering sea salt caramel squares. And if you spend $25 or more, shipping is free! So head to for the perfect Valentine’s gift that I’ll appreciate… Or, you know, you could just pay off my school loans.

(c) Morgan Lea, 2014


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