Ad for Morgan Lea

I was asked to write a 30-second spot advertising myself for a job interview

Are you looking to hire someone creative, clever, quirky, and kind of cool with a keen capacity for consonance? How about an awesome, artistic, astute, and able actor with an astounding aptitude for alliteration? Then consider hiring Morgan Lea! Morgan’s got just the experience and ability you need for any job you could request. Need a high-quality copy written for an important client? Just ask Morgan! Need a professional read with a fresh new voice? Morgan can do it! Need to mix a polished spot with a short deadline? May I recommend Morgan? Need someone to bring you coffee, pick up your dry cleaning, take out the garbage? Just say it with me! (sing-song) Morgan~ If you’re not convinced yet, then give her a call and set up a free interview today at [Phone Number!] That number again is [Phone Number.] I hope to hear from you soon!

(c) Morgan Lea Davis, 2014


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